Manic Monday: Amber Pixie

Amber Pixie of Pixie's Pocket
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Guys, I'm a honey addict. I will literally eat the stuff with a spoon, so I am very pleased to feature this week's artisan. Just making this post up made me drool.

What is your favorite item in your shop(s)?
This is the first flavor I ever made...vanilla beans make my toes curl, chamomile makes me sigh contentedly, and adding them both to honey is an amazing combination!

What is most inspirational to you?
I love my home in the rural North Carolina mountains.  My neighbors are goats, chickens, and bees, and just gazing out of the window at the beauty while doing dishes makes even menial chores seem a beautiful act of love.

What is your favorite quote?
"since the thing perhaps is
to eat flowers and not to be afraid"
- e.e. cummings

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