Manic Monday: Andrea of Papernaut Cards

Andrea of Papernaut Cards

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What is your favorite item in your shop?

One of my favorite cards is Steampunk Pi! I’m a little obsessed with the number, I celebrate March 14th with Pi cupcakes and I can recite the number to 56 digits. I’m proud of this card because I actually drew the design myself. This is a great example of a unique Papernaut Card that you won’t find anywhere else.

What is most inspirational to you?

"For inspiration I rely pretty heavily on my hardcore nerdiness. We are so fortunate to live in a time where nerds and geeks have infiltrated so far into pop-culture there’s no shortage of amazing books, games, TV shows, and movies to provide material. For example, I also have a Portal 2 Turret Opera card inspired by the amazing song “Cara Mia Addio” played at the end.

What is your favorite quote?

"Do you want ants? Because THAT'S how you get ants." - ARCHER

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