The Slump

The end of last year and beginning of this year have been the lowest I've experienced since starting Wilde Designs. I'd gotten used to selling around $100 a month in goods across my shops. Sometimes more, sometimes less, but always something. Some weeks I'd send out a few orders. 

Certainly the financial aspect was a factor. That extra money helped pay the bills and pay down our debt, and I was really looking forward to what it would do to help us after our son was born. Unfortunately just when our son was born premature, Etsy shut my shops down. Suddenly that money was gone - that money that was going to help me stay out for my full maternity leave, that might have helped pay our NICU bills (which we're still paying even now that our son is a month shy of his first birthday). 

But above and beyond the issue of losing that monthly income, I've found that it's hard not having the sense of accomplishment that came with sending out orders and hearing how much people liked what I'd made. In the past six months, I've only had a few orders. I know that eventually my new shop will pick up and start getting traffic (I work hard to make sure it does), but it's hard. It's hard starting over when I'd worked so hard to establish myself to start with. It's hard going from the beginnings of real success to what feels like full on failure. 

For those of you who also have your own business either as a side venture or a full time gig, how do you deal with slumps? 

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