Fun Feature: Flirty Duets

Since I am still eagerly awaiting the next applicant for a Manic Monday feature, I decided this Monday to feature a shop that I personally am in love with at the moment. Not only does Flirty Duets make me feel like I totally need to up my game design wise in my own shop, their stuff is amazing. 
The hard part here is trying to tell you about specific pieces. You see, the thing is, I want most of it. Seriously, I think I could buy this shop out and wear EVERY SINGLE THING and be completely happy. 
At the moment, I'm not going to lie, post "The Break Up," I think I need some gorgeously flirty Glee items that bring up memories of better Klaine times. If you do too, head to Flirty Duets and buy liberally!

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