Gettin' Your Spooky On

Since Halloween is this week, I figured it was a nice time to showcase a few of my spookier items. They're available year round, but they're especially appropriate at the moment!
The Barbie Murders photo series has long been one of the most popular items in my shops not just for sales but in terms of generating buzz and getting attention. My cousin even has a whole set up in his studio where he gives music lessons. If you're looking to make a statement that's fun and weird all at the same time, these are a great way to go. I've got prints, bookmarks, magnets, and I'm always open to suggestions of any other items you guys might want to see!
Then there's horror-themed jewelry. My Zombits series is the most horror-tastic, but there are also cuffs, punky bracelets and more that should satisfy your dark side.

If those aren't enough, theres spooky spiderweb gift tags, designs for horror fans and a ton more. I'm a horror and Halloween-loving girl myself. If you ever want something you don't see? Contact me! I'm happy to add to the ranks.

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