Manic Monday: Cari Rakai of Early Morning Projects

Cari Rakai of Early Morning Projects
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The first Manic Monday feature of 2013 is a fun one with an artist who products bright, beautiful work that is absolutely delightful. Check out what inspires Cari!

Tell us about yourself and your shop
Oh man, What to say about Early Morning Projects? I've been open for almost a year now, and it has become a conduit for my creativity. I've always been an artist, even as a child, but I've also always been scattered and diverse in my creation, and Early Morning Projects has allowed me to offer all of my wild work to the world. I paint, sculpt, sew, draw, relief print, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things in there. Colour is important for me in my work, and I realy love to upcycle things if I can. My home is full of supplies, or found objects that could potentially someday BECOME a supply, lol.

What made you decide to open an online shop?
I can't stop making things! Creating things with my hands is the best part of my day, the part I look forward to. But, alas, I just can't keep everything that I make, and my family is tired of getting art for Christmas! (Although, they haven't gotten tired of the rag-rugs yet!) 
Basically, though, I've always wanted to sell my work but I've never been great at networking. Etsy was a great way for me to offer the work I made and to connect with other artists and see what others are making!

What is your current favorite item in your shop?
My current favorites are my decorative animal art objects (knick knacks, to be more precise ;P) and my magic wands!

What is your favorite quote?
"Wish in one hand, poop in the other. See which one fills up faster." This is a Stephen King quote, which I love. (he doesn't say "poop" btw) I take it to mean, you can day dream, pipe dream, complain and fuss and whine all you want, but wishing and hoping won't get you very far, only your own efforts will. 

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