Manic Monday: Laurie Shanholtzer

LaurieShanholtzer Art for Kids and Their Grownups
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Tell us about yourself and your shop
Opened September, 2011.
Personalized Art and giclee prints, Reproduction prints, Original pastel paintings, jewelry. note cards and invitations all based on my original artwork
I love painting artwork for children and pieces that are nostalgic and romantic- to tell a story or capture a special moment in my pastels. Here you will find lots of art for kids, babies and adults too! 
What made you decide to open an online shop?
Did  commissioned portraits for many years and finally decided it was time to paint again for fun. I quite commissioned work and am having a blast painting whatever I like! I started my Etsy shop to have a good home for my newly created works. I can now experiment with new things and have a venue to showcase the artworks I have wanted to create.
What is your current favorite item in your shop?
I don't know if it is my favorite, but the one print that outsells the others by far is a personalized version of "Someday...Little Brother" Here I add the children's names, numbers and colors. And a ponytail if you want a girl.
What is your favorite quote?
Art for Kids and their Grownups
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