Wilde Does Stuff: Diaper Box Storage

Before I go into this one, I should confess two things. First off? This is really similar to my last tutorial. I like boxes and organizers. A LOT. Second? If I had it to do over again, I'd just duct tape or contact paper instead of regular paper. I was being both cheap AND lazy. I will, however, be re-covering the front portion with duct tape just as soon as I get off my lazy butt and do it.
  1. Get an empty diaper or wipe box. The big ones for people like me who enjoy getting TONS of the darn things and not having to go to the store as often. These boxes are sturdy, they have handles, it really just seems like a shame to throw them out. So don't! Cut off the cardboard flaps that punch out to make the "handle" spaces and the flaps on top of the box.
  2. Either just go for it and start covering the thing with duct tape or, if you're using paper or contact paper, lay the box down on said paper and trace around it so you can have the proper shape to cut out the handle. With duct tape, you can just run the tape into the hope and tape it off, easy. With paper, you'll probably want a cleaner solution, hence the tracing. Leave yourself a little extra so that it overlaps on the sides (I left about a half an inch). 
  3. Glue the front and back (the parts with the "handles") on. Tape the edges to keep it in place and secure. Again, this step won't be necessary if you're using duct tape. You lucky bastard. You can see from the picture that the thick craft glue (Sobo brand, I believe) bubbled like crazy. This was cheap ass construction paper I was using, so it's not a real surprise. 
  4. Cut pieces that are the correct size for the sides (no overlap on these), and glue those down too. 
  5. You're finished. Really. You can embellish the thing or do whatever you like, but you're done. I used mine to store the toilet paper rolls I have saved because I'm totally going to do something with them. Um, eventually.
UPDATE: I've discovered the joys of skipping the glue and securing the paper on all the edges with duct tape instead. It looks cute and works great!

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