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Wilde Does Stuff: DIY Ribbon Bangle Bracelet

You're going to read this and wonder why a tutorial is even needed. It's honestly that easy - which is my favorite kind of project. All you need to start is a bangle bracelet. You can find cheap ones at garage sales, dollar stores, your friend's jewelry box - uh, I mean, your own jewelry box. I've also used this process to make a bracelet out of a leftover duct tape roll center. They're perfect chunky bangle sized.  Next you need some ribbon. I save ribbon like a creepy hoarder, so the first bracelet I made actually used ribbon left over from tying up a present. It was lime green with white polka dots - of course I saved it. You tape one end of the ribbon on the inside of the bracelet to hold it as a start point. I recommend wrapping the ribbon on a diagonal when you start instead of straight up and down when you move around. It flows more naturally and will make your life just a little easier. Then you wrap. And wrap. And keep right on wrapping the ribbon around …

15K Giveaway!

You liked me - now I'm bribing you to keep you from running away!
The long-awaited 15K Giveaway is here! But, see, I'm kinda lying with the name. It's actually 1,500. It's just that I like things that rhyme. Deal with it, people. In any case, this is all for you guys who have helped my Facebook page get to 1,500 likes! Even if you aren't one of those people, you can still take part - and take the opportunity to get in on the sweet, sweet Facebook action by liking me. All you have to do is take part in any of the options below that float your boat and you get a shot at winning ANY print in ANY size offered on the site. Simple!a Rafflecopter giveaway

Customer Choice: Always Forgive Your Enemies

This month's Customer Choice item is now discounted in ALL sizes until October 18, 2013, so grab a copy while the grabbing's good and thank you all for voting! Choices for the next item to be discounted will be going up soon.

Wilde Does Stuff: DIY Kid's Kitchen

It never ceases to amaze me as an adult to think about being a child. All the chores that drown us in tedium day in and day out are new and fascinating to kids. My son? He loves to cook. Little as he is, using a real stove is out of the question, but we still wanted him to feel free to experiment. 
For his birthday, we wanted to do something special. Our budget was tight, so we had to think a little outside the box. I looked, naturally, to Pinterest and saw a lot of different variations of people creating kitchenettes for kids. Given how much he loved the little kitchen for play at daycare, that was a perfect fit. Oddly, it turned out to be hard to find a nice, cheap nightstand in the couple weeks we had to execute the project. 

Finding the Base
We finally found one just right for our purposes at the now-closed My Place The Yard Sale Store in Ponder. Naturally, right down the road - where we should have looked first! As you can see, it was a bit rough looking, and the top was loose, …