Brave New Worlds

In the interest of trying new ways to expand my business and new places to sell, I've taken some excellent advice and am giving Storenvy a try. You can find my new shop at - though that doesn't mean my main page is going away. At all. Ever. Like I said in my last blog, I've learned not to put my virtual eggs all in one basket again. 

I also started a small shop at Meylah to give that a try, and you can find it at I fully confess that I'm already infatuated with the ease of use on Storenvy. It's nice having a place where I can be part of a full marketplace community and have easy ways to list things, plus the advantage of a tab for Facebook selling. 

Hopefully this will help me have a strong holiday season that sees lots of old items moving out the door to make way for a lot of NEW things (seriously, I have a literal big box full of new things to photograph and list). To a wonderful holiday sales season for all of us!