The Plan for 2014

I've already come a long way.
This was me in 6th grade.
Yes, in a choker. It was cool then, okay?
2014 is going to be a year of growing and changing. Wilde Designs moved to its current home two years ago now, and while I've started slowly seeing some traffic, I'm still not where I want to be - not yet. So now is the time to fix that. I already took one step in adding a Storenvy shop to my roster as well. It's been a nice addition, and I frankly LOVE their interface. It's like Etsy if Etsy didn't charge you fees out the ass and was more low key.

And in 7th grade.
That hair was comfortable as hell.
No regrets.
So what do I want to change? What will help me boost sales and visibility again? Well, part of that depends on you. I'm going to list my goals here, but if you have any thoughts - whether that's thinking something I post here is ridiculous or loving the idea - I want to know. It honestly helps me to have you guys to sound ideas off of, and every comment genuinely helps.

  • Tighten things up. Having a wide variety of products is neat, but right now the shop feels messy. It feels sprawling. It seems to me like it must be hard for people to find what they want, though I can't swear to that (what do you think?). I want it to feel sleek and simple.
  • Refocus myself. This partly falls under the last goal, but partly not. I like to make a little bit of everything because it's fun... but I've realized that doesn't mean I have to try and sell it all. I want to focus in on the strange, unusual, geeky stuff that buyers get excited about - and that I get excited about too.
  • Schedule time to work. My day job has set hours. My shop doesn't. That means that if I run into a time crunch or am feeling lazy, I let things that need to get done slide. Never the customer stuff, thankfully, but the stuff I need to finish to get better and to improve things. That's silly. I have the time, I just have to set it aside to be productive. Yikes!
  • Get featured. I feel sure I'm not the only person who runs features on their blog. I know I'm not. It's just been a long time since I've been featured, and I want to change that, darn it! So if you run features, let me know. I want to apply. I want to put myself out there again and get back into being part of the virtual world.
8th grade. I was ridiculously happy to get braces.
It hurt like hell, but my teeth have never
regretted a second of it.
It may not be a plan to takeover the world, but it's a starting point, and that's what I need right now more than anything. I have some small, reasonable goals to focus on. What's your game plan for the new year?

Don't forget, there's plenty of time to sign up for a Manic Monday feature for 2014. FREE exposure. That's the best kind, right? At least when charges aren't pressed. Just click here and fill out the shiny Google form. Ooooo!