Wilde Does Stuff: No Sew Patterned Scarf

Terrible quality photo is terrible quality.
First off, I think it's important that you note I was totally, 100% riffing on this wonderful blog post by Sugar & Cloth, which I naturally found on Pinterest.

After a weekend of taking care of my husband, who has shingles, and chasing my toddler, I was ready to do something fun to start off my week. This project was the perfect combo of cute and freaking easy. My favorite!

First I cut off the bottom of a t-shirt that I didn't wear anymore. I also cut off the bottom hem just for symmetry. I used a rotary cutter to make the edges as clean as possible, but someone with super steady hands and very sharp scissors could probably pull it off with those too.

I then gathered a small pie tin, some black fabric paint, and a toilet paper tube. I squished the tube slightly to make it more leaf-shaped instead of round. I know, it's fancy. Hold your applause until the end.

Then the really hard part - coat the end of the toilet paper tube with fabric paint and use it as a stamp on the fabric. You could also use real stamps, you could just freehand designs, you could use fabric markers, you could leave the scarf plain. Frankly the possibilities are endless, this just happened to be what was handy for me.

The paint isn't laid on too thick, so it didn't take long to dry enough that I could rotate the fabric and continue the pattern onto the other side. As you can see, I varied "fresh" stamps with ones that had much less paint to create variety. 

Now, here's the really complex part... wear it. Yes, that's really all. You cut the fabric, you decorate it if you want to, then you wear it. I TOLD you it was easy.

And I solemnly swear I'll try to take less awful pictures of the scarf on me at some point.