Wilde Does Stuff: Diaper Box Storage Update

As is often the case, I've found a better way to upcycle diaper boxes! You can see my previous efforts by clicking here. Instead of gluing the paper on, which can create bubbling depending on the type of paper and the type of glue, on my most recent round of diaper box upgrades, I used duct tape to secure the paper.

That's right, I even have storage for the stuff I store other stuff in.

Not only did this work just as well, it allowed for a nice contrast of the patterned or colored duct tape with my paper of choice. You'll note that I could have made the "handle" area more streamlined and nicer by taking more time on it. Buuuuuut I didn't. Honestly any method that lets you stick a new design on over the old one will help. You could even cut out all the "middle men" and just use Contact paper for the whole darn thing.