Wilde Does Stuff: Easy Scarf Storage

Another thing I inherited from my husband's grandmother was a lot of scarves. See, I kind of already had a few. And I kind of tend to buy them whenever I see something even vaguely fun at a garage or estate sale. They've been folded up in my drawer for a long time. I tried to make a storage system of my own with cardboard tubes, but as it turns out? I have too many scarves for that to be super practical. 

I saw this pin and knew it was the right way to go. When hubby and I ran to the Dollar General for groceries, I got a few tubes of shower curtain rings ($1.25 a piece, just so everyone knows) and then my husband spotted something to make it even more awesome: a swing-arm hanger. And it was on clearance!

That night my husband, toddler and I piled onto the bed and they helped (by helped, I mean my toddler wallowed in the scarves while we worked) me get everything set up. I'm thrilled with the outcome. The scarves are easy to access, and it's so much nicer finding what I need now - plus there's room to grow!