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The Wild World of Printables

As part of my plan for revamping, renewing and updating this year, I want to get some printable designs going. Some of them I'll sell as digital downloads, some will just be freebie giveaway things because I like you guys. I really do. With that in mind, what kind of printables do you use or would you like to use?
Quick note: Sorry for the typo in the poll. That should be " to use" at the end of the question. Whooops!
What kind of printables do you/would you like to you?digital scrapbook backgroundsdigital scrapbook elementscardsgift tagsplace cardsactivity sheetscalendar pagesschedule pagesto do free polls

Wilde's Wordless Wednesday


Wilde Feature: Leticia Holuska of Creative Chaos Jewelry

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What inspired you to open a shop?
My mother. She learned to make jewelry from me, and did it for quite a few years even after I gave it up for a bit. She sold her pieces mostly locally to her friends and coworkers and family because she didn't think she was tech-savvy enough to open an online store and expand. She always wanted to open a shop with me, where she was the creator and I was the tech mind behind it. Unfortunately she was diagnosed with cancer in March of 2013 and passed away in November 2013. After that, I was inspired to start creating jewelry again and do something we had always dreamed of doing together.

What is your current favorite item in your shop? Why?
It's so hard to choose! My first favorite would have to be my Bridal Stardust Cluster Necklace (and there's a matching bracelet as well), because I love the "stardust" beads. They have such a unique sparkle and texture.

My other favorite would probably have to be…

Wilde's Wordless Wednesday