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Cosplay Tutorial: Amy Pond "The Beast Below"

This cosplay was done for A-Kon 2011. As you may be able to tell from the bottom picture, I was pregnant with my son Pike at the time. That meant I wanted cosplay that was comfortable in addition to being neat. 
Being that I was slightly in love with Amy Pond (and still am), she made the perfect choice, especially since I already had the goods to do most of what was needed.

The breakdown for "The Beast Below" version of Amy is really pretty simple.

My husband already had a blue striped robe that I borrowed for the occasion. I was in a time and budget crunch, so I made do with a pink nightgown I found at Walmart instead of the white cotton that Amy wore. Hair and make-up for this one were very simple. The one thing I did deviate on purposefully was the shoes. She wore tennis shoes, and I went with some Dr. Scholl's sandals since keeping my feet comfortable was of utmost importance to me throughout the weekend.

And, honestly, that's it. That's the whole cosplay. M…

Oh, hey, I'm still here

First of all, I'm sorry it's been forever. I really am. I've been doing lots of planning, lots of making, and lots of thinking, and very little blogging.

The first big news is that I will be a panelist and vendor at the Creative Women's Conference in Denton, TX on September 27th. You can find more out about the event on Facebook, plus ask me. If I don't know, I'll find out for you. In preparation for this, I've made new jewelry, gift tags, cards, and more. Anything that doesn't sell on site will hopefully be going up on the site before the holidays. 
Behind the scenes, my husband is helping me to redesign the website. Thankfully we think we've found a way to keep it from ever affecting you guys much. We should be able to import customer records and have zero downtime if all goes smoothly, it just may take awhile for the new look and feel to go live. Trust me, it will be worth waiting for. 
Additionally, I'll be doing some blog entries about my