Cosplay Tutorial: Amy Pond "The Beast Below"

This is the look I give you if you aren't properly impressed.
This cosplay was done for A-Kon 2011. As you may be able to tell from the bottom picture, I was pregnant with my son Pike at the time. That meant I wanted cosplay that was comfortable in addition to being neat. 

Being that I was slightly in love with Amy Pond (and still am), she made the perfect choice, especially since I already had the goods to do most of what was needed.

The breakdown for "The Beast Below" version of Amy is really pretty simple.

My husband already had a blue striped robe that I borrowed for the occasion. I was in a time and budget crunch, so I made do with a pink nightgown I found at Walmart instead of the white cotton that Amy wore. Hair and make-up for this one were very simple. The one thing I did deviate on purposefully was the shoes. She wore tennis shoes, and I went with some Dr. Scholl's sandals since keeping my feet comfortable was of utmost importance to me throughout the weekend.

And, honestly, that's it. That's the whole cosplay. MAN, I love it when it's cheap and easy!

Rockin' the crap out of that baby bump.