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Wilde Does Stuff: Glittery Skull

True to my promise to keep things simple this is another easy one. While it's certainly appropriate for Halloween, I confess that my glitter skull will be up all year. First you need a skull. The one I used was a cheap paper mache one that I got on sale at Michaels for a few dollars after Halloween last year. Then gather up some Mod Podge (I used the glossy type) and some glitter (I used two layers of white with a layer of red on top).
Slather the skull with Mod Podge. Okay, okay, apply a thin layer of Mod Podge somewhat carefully. It doesn't have to be perfect, just be sure you cover all of the exterior you'd like to have glittered. Then? Shake the glitter all over that baby. I recommend putting a piece of wax paper or something similar on your work surface to catch the glitter for re-use and to keep glitter from getting all over quite as many places. 
I left mine to dry for about three hours, but once it feels dry, you're good to go. Then? Do it again. And, y'kn…

Cosplay Tutorial + Digital Download: Captain Hammer

As you may have noticed, I like easy. So guess what? This tutorial is easy. All you need is a pair of pants (gray, tan, or green cargo pants or slacks are your best bet), a t-shirt (Captain Hammer's is technically dark gray, but I used black here because I had one on hand), a pair of boots (his are combat boots, mine are chick boots with buckles because, again, I had them already), a black belt, and some black gloves. The gloves I wore (yes, I totally had them and totally forgot to put them on when the image above was taken) were Halloween "pirate" gloves that cost three whole dollars.

The most effort will come in making the shirt. Since I think it's silly to reinvent the wheel, click here to download a pdf I've already made of the shirt logo. You'll be going through my shop, but it's a 100% free download, so no fear. Save it, open it up, and print that baby onto a dark t-shirt transfer (seriously, use that even if you're putting it on a light shirt,…

Wilde Does Stuff: DIY Spooky Wreath

This is perhaps the easiest project you'll take on this holiday season. It began when I was in Michaels and saw a bunch of gorgeous metallic keys in their dollar bins. I picked out a few different colors at my husband's urging (I love that he enables projects like this!). 
We wandered over to the dollar store after, and there I was able to find a wreath. It is indeed a wreath intended for Christmas and is a dark green with white to represent snow. It looked bleak and fall-y enough to suit my purposes, and I also found a raven and a sparkly black skull that I couldn't resist. 
Once we got home, I had my husband search out our Christmas wreath hanger (he removed the little Christmas tree that's on the top of it and was the only thing that signaled it as not belonging to the right holiday) and I set down to assemble the pieces. Since the keys were already hung on ribbon, I was able to entangle them with the wire that made up the wreath. It took all of a minute, seriously.…

Cosplay Tutorial: Amy Pond "The Impossible Astronaut"

This was another blessedly easy cosplay brought on for A-Kon 2011 when I was six months pregnant. You can see my Amy from "The Beast Below" tutorial here if you're interested in that too. The main items to find in this case are cropped pants and a flannel shirt. I had the cropped jeans already amongst my maternity wear, and I got a flannel shirt (I wasn't able to find a three quarter sleeve like Amy's, so I rolled up the sleeves of a regular one) in the men's section of a resale shop.

Then you start writing on your arms. Hash marks everywhere. I had them on my neck, arms, anything that was visible. I also put a pen on a string like Amy's (washable marker in my case) and held it to the string with masking tape. Yes, this was a high class operation. That let me add to the marks when I got bored or I washed my hadns and things started to fade.

As you can see, by the end of the day, the costume had worked so well, I'd even found a couple of Doctors. GERO…