Cosplay Tutorial + Digital Download: Captain Hammer

At All-Con Dallas 2014

As you may have noticed, I like easy. So guess what? This tutorial is easy. All you need is a pair of pants (gray, tan, or green cargo pants or slacks are your best bet), a t-shirt (Captain Hammer's is technically dark gray, but I used black here because I had one on hand), a pair of boots (his are combat boots, mine are chick boots with buckles because, again, I had them already), a black belt, and some black gloves. The gloves I wore (yes, I totally had them and totally forgot to put them on when the image above was taken) were Halloween "pirate" gloves that cost three whole dollars.

The most effort will come in making the shirt. Since I think it's silly to reinvent the wheel, click here to download a pdf I've already made of the shirt logo. You'll be going through my shop, but it's a 100% free download, so no fear. Save it, open it up, and print that baby onto a dark t-shirt transfer (seriously, use that even if you're putting it on a light shirt, the quality is sooo much better). Cut the circle out, iron that puppy on and, well, get dressed. You're done. Go find yourself a cute redhead and start singing!