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Shop the Storenvy30 Sale!

Get 30% off more than 60,000 products at "The Biggest Small Business Sale Ever." You can find great deals at tons of shops including mine! Shop Wilde Designs on Storenvy right now to get in on the action, and don't forget to check out ALL the amazing shops in the marketplace having a good time.

Celebrate a Handmade Holiday

This year, I'd like to encourage people to shop handmade. Yes, I always encourage that. Yes, it's partly because I sell handmade. It's not rocket science, folks, I'm running a business here ;) All teasing aside, though, when you buy handmade and from small businesses, you're supporting individuals and families in a direct way that's hard to replicate elsewhere. So even if you only grab a single item from a craft fair or a site, you're making a difference. That five dollars may not mean much to you, but it might mean everything to the artist.
In that spirit, if you choose to buy handmade in my main shop or my Storenvy store, you can get 20% off your order by using code WILDEXMAS. If you have a handmade shop of your own, you are also welcome to use the graphics below (one smaller, one bigger) to promote the idea of shopping handmade over the holidays. Credit and link backs are appreciated, but are definitely not required.