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Wilde Features 2015 Now Open!

Wilde Features are now open for 2015. I've already got the first slot filled, and considering this is the inaugural post about them being open... well, I expect slots to fill quickly. I'll be doing one feature a week, and they'll go up on Friday mornings most of the time. You can submit your shop info, social media, and there are also a few questions on the form (which I assure you is short and sweet) to give people an idea of what you're about and what you are like. 
Getting insight into the man or woman behind the shop can give your buyers yet another reason to go to you first when they're in the market for a new handmade goodie. The features are open to any shops featuring handmade items, art, jewelry - basically any shops selling stuff that you make is fair game. 
Apply here, and don't forget to share this with anyone you know who might need a little extra boost this year.