Craft Sale #2: The Re-Craftening

And, yes, I'm totally rocking a Darren Criss shirt for luck.

Yesterday I strapped on my big girl boots (okay, it was Airwalks) and headed out to my second ever in person craft show. Thankfully I had the support of my sister driving me and all my junk out there in her SUV and my husband helping me set up (I am seriously the WORST about being polite when I'm stressed and trying to get things done) and man the table throughout the day.

The sale in question was the Valentine's Sale at the TWU Student Union. It'd hoped to be part of the Christmas sale, but I ended up taking care of my mom instead (infinitely more important, obviously!). Thankfully, the Union was fantastic and just let me transfer my table fee to the next sale coming up. 

I'm even more pleased to say that the sale went well. I didn't rake in huge profits, but I had some great interactions, and it always makes me smile when people enjoy what I make, even if they aren't able to buy it. Hopefully I'll get to participate again in upcoming sales in the Union. In the meantime, I have some things I want to improve in terms of my display. I want some sort of rack for cards and prints, and I'd like to rig some sort of rack system inside my suitcase to display the notebooks better. From the pictures, what would you change about my display? I'd love suggestions and feedback!