Star Wars on Storenvy

The Force Awakens is here! Well, okay, for me it's not really here until December 23rd since that's when I get to see it. So shhhhh with the spoilers! In the meantime, it's a fantastic time to highlight some of the great Star Wars inspired goodies available on Storenvy because there are some AMAZING items.

Guitar Solo by Tom Burns (one of the first items I ever envied on the site, actually)
Red Bantha by Tom Carlton Art (I've seen his work in person, and it's all fabulous)
Nerdy Pewter Stamped Rectangle Tag by Nerdtastic (I've bought her stuff. It's epic.)

There was a large selection of goods I loved, so I've only shared a few favorites here. If you want to see more, see the full "The Force is With Me" Collection, which is constantly growing! Yes, there's a Han Solo bias here. Which piece from the collection is your favorite?

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