Wilde Feature: Amy Marx of Heart and Soles

Last Unicorn shoes. One of my all time favorite movies!

How long have you been selling online? What got you started?
We have been selling online since 2012. We kind of got started by accident. We wanted to make a special gift for a family member. His two loves at the time were shoes and Regular Time. So we combined them! I posted them on my personal Facebook page, and a few friends asked to buy some. It all just kind of came together.

Autism Awareness shoes. I love these!
What's your favorite thing to draw/make/create?
I obviously love to paint on shoes the very most. Wedding shoes are my most favorite to do. It's neat to paint out a love story.

Garfield shoes because I will always and forever love Garfield.

What inspires you in your work? What makes you want to create or keeps you going when you're struggling?
My customers inspire me. Since everything we do is completely custom work, their stories are what inspire me the most. When I don't feel like painting anymore, I look back at reviews and pictures past customers have submitted.

Teacher hand painted shoes - super cute!

What item in your shop are you most excited about? Why?
I am currently most excited about our teacher shoes. I love, love, love personalized shoes.

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