Wizard World New Orleans Comic Con Review

(also: I Touched Chris Evans & Bruce Campbell)

Yes, Chris Evans is beautiful. SO BEAUTIFUL.
I'm leading with the highlight here. No, not just that I got to meet Chris Evans. And touch him (politely, sheesh, I have some boundaries) while he was wearing that sweater. It's that I got to spend a weekend with amazing friends (holla at Kevlar Unitard and Butter Butt Scotchie Pants in particular). We hung out, we spent time in New Orleans (a city I love and haven't visited since my honeymoon), and... okay, yes, I got to meet Chris Evans. He was quiet and sweet and very polite. Because they were telling us not to ask for hugs or anything, I didn't, though I regretted when I saw how many people had ignored those orders. lol Still, this is what happens when two introverts collide, I think, and it's a damn good picture anyway.

So in love with Bruce Campbell. He's the man.
My best friend Ash (we've known each other since I was four) then surprised me and his girlfriend with a photo op with Bruce Campbell. Some of you may know that I've had mad love for him for a long time. It started with Xena for me, then deepened as I became a horror junkie. This guy right here? Smooth as hell. He was art directing the photo ops, and it was magical to watch. I seriously wish I could have sat in and just watched him work his magic putting everyone where they belonged and getting smiles on faces. Super cool guy, and I wholeheartedly recommend getting close to him if at all possible because it's worth it. SO WORTH IT.

All in all, I had a fantastic weekend and a great time. I admittedly don't do Wizard World cons often since I tend to prefer cons that are more about the panels and less about the celebs, but I don't regret going for a single second. Have you ever done a con? Which one?