Wilde Feature: Katie of nerdfelt

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You know you need a Golden Snitch Ornament for next Christmas. 

How long have you been selling online? What got you started?
I've been selling printed designs since 2012, but I've been selling on Storenvy for a little over a year. Selling crafts all started with my Golden Snitch ornaments I made for my friends one Christmas, then I began making more crafts and designs having had more free time after graduating college.

And they're pretty colors!

What's your favorite thing to draw/make/create?
Any type of graphic design is my passion (that's what I went to college for!) but as for crafting, I think there's a tie between my mini Hitchhiker's Guide towels and my Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls. The towels are such a cute and little inside joke for Hitchhiker's Guide fans, and I love that type of thing. The reusable dryer balls are also important to me because I always feel better about giving gifts to people that they'll actually use instead of just sitting on a shelf, and bonus points for helping the environment by discontinuing dryer sheets and their harmful chemicals. I also love making them because they're a great thing to make with idle hands!

Because Picard is the best captain, that's why.

What inspires you in your work? What makes you want to create or keeps you going when you're struggling?
A lot of my designs are inspired by the books I read or the shows and movies that I watch, most of which are pretty nerdy. Sometimes I'll hear a great quote that resonates with me, or just an iconic line (Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.) that I really wished I owned on a mug or a t-shirt. Or sometimes I'll see something around my house that could use upcycling, such as my recently-added Fairy Light Earrings. And sometimes I just doodle and then think, "Hey, this would be great on a shirt!"

They're super cute, y'all. SUPER CUTE.

What item in your shop are you most excited about? Why?
Back to Hitchhiker's Guide... the mini "Don't Panic" towel! I carry mine in my wallet at all times. Even if someone's not a Hitchhiker's Guide fan, having something that reminds you to not panic is a helpful reminder during stressful times. Plus it's pretty inexpensive which makes for a quick and easy gift!