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Tunes Tuesday: "Run" Snow Patrol


Wilde Feature: Zei from Pelhuaz by Red

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How long have you been selling online? What got you started? 
I initially opened Pelhuaz back in 2012, but had to close it for a little while and reopened it recently.

What's your favorite thing to create? 
Stretchy Charm Bracelets and Tassel Necklaces

What inspires you in your work? What makes you want to create or keeps you going when you're struggling? 
Materials... Basically, I saw a bead, a charm, or a tassel and inspiration arrives. Also the seasons and special occasions!

What item in your shop are you most excited about? Why? 
I love this new bracelet design and specially the Mama love Baby charm.

Tunes Tuesday: "Cannonball" Damien Rice


Don't Forget the Flash Sale!

My Faceboook fans and Wilde VIPs already know this, but... I'm having a HUGE flash sale

A big ol' segment of my geeky stuff needs to be cleared out. What does that mean for you? Deals. LOTS OF THEM. I'll post an item, and it will stay up for grabs right here until someone claims it. First come, first serve. All you have to do is reply with your email address (or the word "claimed" and message me your email for more privacy), and I'll invoice you for the amount on the graphic. That's it. Done. Once you've paid, I'll ship out your item.

Please invite any geeks you know who might want to join in or folks who might have geeks to buy for. This is going to be the PERFECT time to stock up on holiday goodies. Stocking stuffers ahoy! ;)

Storenvy's Fashion Forward Sale

It's time to get your shop on! Storenvy is having a Fashion Forward sale with 20% off of clothing, shoes, accessories, and jewelry - and you need to check it out RIGHT NOW because there are awesome goods on offer, including some of mine!

Tunes Tuesday: Ray LaMontagne "Trouble"


Tunes Tuesday: "Destroyer" The Kinks


May Storenvy Giveaway!

New month, new giveaway! The Broke Entrepreneur blog is hosting a brand new Storenvy giveaway for the month of May.

You can enter RIGHT HEREfor a chance to win a ton of different prizes with a ton of different methods for entry. Take a few seconds and get yourself a few entries. There's a ton of different prizes from sunglasses to jewelry (including one of my 221B Baker Street Sherlock Necklaces), decals, purses, plushies... like I said, we have a LOT to offer this month.

There are only nine days left to enter so do it now!

Tunes Tuesday: "Message of Love" The Pretenders