Wilde Feature: Zei from Pelhuaz by Red

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Geometric Cockatoo Blue Pendant

How long have you been selling online? What got you started? 
I initially opened Pelhuaz back in 2012, but had to close it for a little while and reopened it recently.

Tassel and Strawberry Ice Stone by Pelhuaz

What's your favorite thing to create? 
Stretchy Charm Bracelets and Tassel Necklaces

Envy Green Geometrical and Orbs by Pelhuaz

What inspires you in your work? What makes you want to create or keeps you going when you're struggling? 
Materials... Basically, I saw a bead, a charm, or a tassel and inspiration arrives. Also the seasons and special occasions!

Mama Charm Bracelet by Pelhuaz

What item in your shop are you most excited about? Why? 
I love this new bracelet design and specially the Mama love Baby charm.