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World's Best Free Wrapping Paper Holder

It's official. The results are in. The BEST way in the whole wide world to hold your wrapping paper securely? Toilet paper rolls. Somehow in my family of two adults and one child, we still manage to accumulate millions of the things. I may be exaggerating, but we have quite a few. Grateful as I am for our local recycling program, I feel even better about finding uses for things. It makes me feel smart, and I like making other people feel smart too, so amaze your friends with this spiffy, FREE life hack!

Tunes Tuesday: "Steady as She Goes" The Raconteurs


Tunes Tuesday: "Pepper" Butthole Surfers


Tunes Tuesday: "Popular" Nada Surf


Wilde Obsession: Pokemon Go Game Tips

Yes, that's right. I have a new obsession. My husband and I are playing Pokemon Go (we're team Mystic!), and I love it. I hate the bugs in the interface, but the game itself is addictive and fun. I've been playing Ingress, which is also made by Niantic Labs, for quite awhile, so this feels familiar, yet new. 

My husband wrote up an FAQ for our local DFW Pokemon Go Trainers Group, and I'm sharing it below since I thought it might help out some of you as well! Some is DFW specific, so it may not apply, but a lot of it is just plain good general info. Thank you (as always!), Wes Howard: 
1 - There is a lot of posts with 'hey! wow! lots of pokestops here'. I tend to give a small eyeroll there because as playing Ingress for years I knew these spots to be portal rich, and since all Ingress portals were converted this is no surprise. Instead of being that pedantic 'of course there are portals there!' guy I went into Ingress and took some strategic screenshot…

Tunes Tuesday: "Not an Addict" K's Choice


Wilde Feature: Jessi of Sunshine Hideaway

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How long have you been selling online? What got you started? 
I started selling online in September 2015, and I started because I was in the process of losing my J-O-B, and I wanted to do something that was more aligned with my values and passions.

What's your favorite thing to draw/make/create? 
I love to do so many things, it's so hard to pick just one! I like to do different things at different times, but mostly I think I'd have to say I love helping people through my tarot and divination readings. This is because I get to use my life experiences to help others along their path.

What inspires you in your work? What makes you want to create or keeps you going when you're struggling? 
It's definitely helpful to have multiple crafts, because when I get bored with one, I switch to another. When I'm totally uninspired with one, I often get inspired to create a different, more unique piece in another medium. Switching it…