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Best Win Ever? Possibly.

I won't beat around the bush here: I'm going to gush. I've been inspired by Pelhuaz and Lu and Ed to start doing a better job singing the praises of the people whose work I love, use, and wear. My most recent win in life is that I came out on top on TeamNeville's Fandom Pack Giveaway. Now, it's no secret to anyone that I've spent my fair share of time gazing at Jess's work already.
Nothing could have prepared me for the awesome that was inside the package that arrived, though.

I'm lucky enough to be in several groups with Jess, so she knows all the crazy things I love - and she somehow managed to represent a TON of them in this one beautiful package. There's a Team Bucky ring because I absolutely cannot get enough of Marvel. There's a Muggle bracelet and Alohamora key because I'm a Harry Potter geek. There's an Oscar Wilde necklace that is perfect for me. There's also a fab Whovian keychain AND bracelet (which is crazy comfortable, …

Tunes Tuesday: "Gimme More" Britney Spears


Tunes Tuesday: "Just Dance" Lady Gaga


The Art of the (Coupon) Deal

To begin with, I'll address the elephant in the room. When we think of coupons, most of us think of fat wads of paper with tons of tiny little pieces with tiny little type. We think of cluttery junk that makes a mess of everything and that will probably be expired before we remember to spend anything. I get it. I really, really do.
The thing is? Coupons have come a long way. You don't have to keep referral reward cards in your wallet. Sign up for a fabulous service like Keyring and your whole family can share accounts and keep everything together. Much the same way, coupons have entered the digital era. Now you can use a trusted site like Groupon Coupons and do your couponing online. Like I mentioned in my last post, most of us think of Groupon mostly when we're considering restaurants or travel options, but they have seriously brought up their game, and now you can do a LOT more with their site. 

You can still get all the straight up deals on restaurants and travel and c…

The School Year (and Shopping) is Upon Us

Yes, that's right. School. We're all excited, right? Right, parents? Teachers? Okay, maybe not. See, I think the thing I didn't really count on was all the stuff you have to buy. I knew about the school lists and the new clothes, but I didn't think about the accessories.
Which is why I kind of wish I'd thought about looking at Groupon Goods sooner. They have everything. I'm not exaggerating here. I've been using Groupon for cheap restaurant deals (one of our local sushi places always has one up - woot!), and sometimes for hotels and travel stuff. I had no idea that they also have Groupon Goods, which features the same kind of discounts on stuff like kitchen goods (so much food storage stuff, y'all!), jewelry, home organization stuff, clothing... in other words, all the stuff that you need for school starting.
For example, just look at the bento box lunch box thingie below. I may have to get one for myself.

So I'm going to own up to being silly and …

Tunes Tuesday: "I Kissed a Girl" Katy Perry


Tunes Tuesday: "So What" P!nk


Digitize To Do Lists with Google Keep

Organizations is important. Last time we talked, I walked you through using Asana to keep yourself organized, and it's fantastic for shops or other businesses whether you're solo or in a team. Sometimes, though, you just need to make a quick honey do list or jot down the groceries you have to grab after work.
In this day and age, most of us are glued to our phones most of the time, so having these lists digital and sharable (because, really, YOU don't want to do the honey do list) is essential. Enter: Google Keep. I think what surprised me most when I started using it was just that everyone isn't using it.

As you can see above, I use it quite a bit. I keep detailed notes about blog posts I want to do in a spreadsheet, but for a quick, easy list of which ones are coming up, Google Keep is a faster, easier option. My husband and I also used it while gathering together our son's school supplies for kindergarten so that if one of us went out and grabbed glue, the othe…