Best Win Ever? Possibly.

I won't beat around the bush here: I'm going to gush. I've been inspired by Pelhuaz and Lu and Ed to start doing a better job singing the praises of the people whose work I love, use, and wear. My most recent win in life is that I came out on top on TeamNeville's Fandom Pack Giveaway. Now, it's no secret to anyone that I've spent my fair share of time gazing at Jess's work already.

Nothing could have prepared me for the awesome that was inside the package that arrived, though.

I'm lucky enough to be in several groups with Jess, so she knows all the crazy things I love - and she somehow managed to represent a TON of them in this one beautiful package. There's a Team Bucky ring because I absolutely cannot get enough of Marvel. There's a Muggle bracelet and Alohamora key because I'm a Harry Potter geek. There's an Oscar Wilde necklace that is perfect for me. There's also a fab Whovian keychain AND bracelet (which is crazy comfortable, by the way). Then there's the Paladin ring since my main character in World of Warcraft is a ret spec pally. To finish it all off? A beautiful little heart with my son's name inscribed on it. 

If you want in on any of this action, you can find Jess on TictailStorenvy, or Etsy, and she's TRULY fantastic.