The School Year (and Shopping) is Upon Us

Yes, that's right. School. We're all excited, right? Right, parents? Teachers? Okay, maybe not. See, I think the thing I didn't really count on was all the stuff you have to buy. I knew about the school lists and the new clothes, but I didn't think about the accessories.

Which is why I kind of wish I'd thought about looking at Groupon Goods sooner. They have everything. I'm not exaggerating here. I've been using Groupon for cheap restaurant deals (one of our local sushi places always has one up - woot!), and sometimes for hotels and travel stuff. I had no idea that they also have Groupon Goods, which features the same kind of discounts on stuff like kitchen goods (so much food storage stuff, y'all!), jewelry, home organization stuff, clothing... in other words, all the stuff that you need for school starting.

For example, just look at the bento box lunch box thingie below. I may have to get one for myself.

Seriously, though, how CUTE is this?

So I'm going to own up to being silly and not having known it was a thing for back to school, but I'm thrilled to have Groupon Goods all set in my back pocket for the holidays coming up. Digital shopping spree, anyone? You can also find Groupon on Facebook or on Twitter if you haven't checked them out before (why not?!) and learn more about the company and the deals they're featuring!

This is a sponsored post. All opinions are mine. I've been using Groupon for sooooo many years.