Cosplay Tutorial: Rogue from X-Men

Side by Side - I may not quite have the cleavage for this.

Everybody wants to be a hero, right? It's easier than you think to nail it!

Wanna start somethin', sugah?

This is what you could call a cheap ass cosplay. It took very little time and very little money to put together - which also makes it an easy favorite. There are a million ways you could dress it up and change it to your needs too, which is a double plus. And Rogue from X-Men is a fantastic character, plus a southern belle, which I am too even if I don't have the accent to prove it.

Dragon Con involves a LOT of walking. Comfy shoes are a must.
It all started with this dress, which I fell in love with right away. I was in a rush to get something serviceable thrown together before Dragon Con a few years back, so I quickly ordered these tights, not even realizing they didn't have feet. Oops! That said, if you go more classic with your costuming and wear boots, it won't matter much, and they were very soft. I went for comfort with tennis shoes since it was the last day of the convention and my feet were as tired as the rest of me. I have since purchased some opaque green tights on clearance at a Halloween store, and you can get reasonably priced yellow boots on Amazon.

The gloves I already had on hand, but you can find some nice cheap gloves that are actually Rogue's usual yellow variety. Finish it off with some white streaks. You can either go full bangs like I did with this clip in (which is actually a really beautiful texture), or these silky streaks

That's really all it takes. A few clicks on Amazon and one dress and you're all set to be a superhero for Halloween!

Hawkeye got a little fresh. I took care of it.