Wigs Don't Have to be Fake

This is a sponsored post for Divatress. All opinions are, as usual, entirely mine.

As my cosplay life has gone on, I’ve come to realize that wigs will be part of things. I’ve resisted them for a long time. I was a holdout. I wanted to cosplay things I could do with my own hair, darn it! The thing is, that limited both my haircut choices and my color choices. Now that I’m working primarily from home for my day job, I can get a little crazier with both, and that is the incentive I needed to finally take the plunge. 

Now I’m shopping for wigs. I agonize over the prices because I am, at heart, a cheap person who still likes to splurge on random things. It’s a tenuous balance.

 Thus far most of mine have come from Amazon, mostly on the discount side, but the more I’m using wigs, the more I’ve been doing research into what wigs are really good and not just really cheap. One site that came up is Divatress. Maybe it’s silly, but the idea of using actual human hair wigs never crossed my mind, I suppose in part because I thought it would be crazy expensive.

As it turns out, it’s pretty affordable. Yes, okay, some of them go up over a hundred dollars, but the short wigs? You can get actual hair for less than what I’ve been paying for some of the Amazon wigs, which blows me away. Just like the fake wigs I’ve been grabbing, these come in a crazy wide array of colors and styles from totally natural to delightfully unnatural, which means that they can suit you whether you’re going for office wear or cosplay.

If human hair wigs like what Divatress offers (yes, they’ve totally got a ton of other wigs and beauty supplies too) are something you’ve never looked at or you’re just looking for solid prices on something you already love (I’m probably WAY late to this party), give it a go!